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Entrepeneurs with a Cause

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'Financial issues have never been a hindrance and does not affect our work'

-Khirod Chandra Malick
Chairman, Bharat Integrated Social Welfare Agency (BISWA), Orissa

A positive approach and support from the tribals in Orissa, helped lay the foundation of the Bharat Integrated Social Welfare Agency (BISWA) in the Sambalpur district of Orissa. Khirod Chandra Malick, chairman and founder, started BISWA in 1994 after serving for 26 years in the State Bank of India as a senior executive.

His vision and widespread exposure to the existence of extreme poverty in India pushed him to start BISWA. He says, 'Our aim was to make people self-sufficient to work towards the development of society.' Contributing towards the augmenting figures of social entrepreneurs in India, BISWA has promoted 25,000 self-help groups, which covers more than 25 million people.

However, they still face financial problems. 'Mobilisation of resources has always been a challenge but a strategic shift with our presence in society leaves us determined to achieve more for the people in need. It does not let such factors act like as a hindrance.'

Empowering stride: BISWA has empowered 25,000 self-help groups, 50,34,612 families and over 25 million people.
Team work: They work with a team of 22,000 people who together manage and operate BISWA and have also opened 502 branch offices around India.

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