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Entrepeneurs with a Cause

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'Our aim is to educate rural India'

-Pramod Shinde
Founder, Eprashala, Pune

Started with the aim to bring modern teaching methodology and quality education to the rural doorstep, Pramod Shinde and his team took five years to invent Eprashala. It is an easy to use LED based projector which any person with basic qualifications can use with ease. Eprashala has gone a long way in reducing the need of qualified teacher in rural schools and education centres.

He says that the product is a first of a kind and the team has installed it in 15 other countries in the Middle East. He assures it to be the most innovative invention in educating rural India. Following his father, Narendra Shinde's footsteps into charity and working for the betterment of the rural population, Shinde took up the challenge of inventing the product as an urgent requirement in his native village.

He says, 'The lack of teachers, quality education and that of equipment in government schools pushed me to initiate the programme. It also acted as a motivational factor throughout the journey.' The device is easy to use and consumes only 110 watts of electricity which is viable through solar energy and can also be used in a dusty or moist atmosphere.

Shinde, however, agonises over the government's reluctance to promote Eprashala's promising abilities. 'Introducing quality education in rural India was the only motive behind investing my time and energy into the invention of a product like, Eprashala,' he says. His mission and aim he adds, is to help in educating rural India.

Vision ahead: Their vision is to have atleast one school in every village across India. The idea behind this move is to install an Eprashala product and conduct educative lessons.
Milestone: Even though they strive to move beyond all possibilities, installing their product within a short span in 60 to 70 schools within the areas of Chandrapur, Ratnagiri, Ahmednagar, Pune and Thane was an achievement.

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